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Who is Op Dr Cem Özlük

Cem özlük wasborn in Ankara. Op. Dr. Cem ÖZLÜK completed his primary education at Ted Ankara college as a semi-scholarshipand secondary education at the Science High School. In 2012, he completed his residency in urology at Gazi University and became a urology specialist.

He completed her obligatory service with more than 1500 successful surgical casesand received an excellent service certificate (in Şırnak, in oneday, he realizedlaparoscopicnephrectomy (removing can cerous of impaired kidney through laparoscopy) on four different patients)

Then he studied Penoplasty (Penis Surgery) and Vaginoplasty (Vagina Surgery) in USA andItaly. He participated abroad in morethan 200 plastic surgeries. He is realizing vaginoplasty and penoplasty by applying newest methods in the world. He participated in more than 10 workshops regarding penis enlargement. He achieve highly satisfactory results by the new method that he applies. He keeps participating in surgical interventions in the institute for which  he is stil  working.

He focuses on infertility, andrology, prostate and varicosisand he apply treatment according to recent developments.

Cem Özlük has robotic surgery and laparoscopy certificates. He generally prefers these methods for the patients having cancer In Kidney Stone Surgery, generally is used laser technology.

Op. Dr. Cem Özlük prefers laparoscopy in surgical interventions. He shorter hospital stay and recovery time of the patient even in the most risky surgical interventions. He works on the diagnosis and medical follow-up of the patient by applying minimally invasive procedures. He apply these procedures through laparoscopic, endoscopic, percutaneous, microscopic and robotic surgery methods.

One of his areas of interest is sexual dysfunctions. He participated in several seminaries, workshop send congresses regarding this area. He treats his patients by applying sexual therapy and some surgical procedures.


He is an active member of ESSM (European Society for Sexual Medicine), EFS (European Federation of Sexology), IAP (International Academy of Penoplasty), TAD (Turkish Association of Andrology), CİSED (Sexual Health Association). He is also general secretary of IAP (International Academy of Penoplasty).

Cem Özlük speaks fluent English, moderately Germanand Italian.