Aesthetic Vagina Surgeries

It's the desire of a beauty man. Every person, especially women, wants to feel beautiful in all ways. Therefore, the woman must recognize herself, her body, and perceive her beauty as a whole.
These surgeries, which have become increasingly widespread and popular in the world, can be performed on any woman who is not happy with the appearance of the genital area. Although some of the sexual problems/problems in women are psychological, they affect sexuality in functional and aesthetic concerns.
A problem in the Genital area can lead to sexual dysfunction (sexual problems) in the individual and/or sexual partner (sexual spouse). After all, sexuality is a function that is experienced by two people. It is necessary to take detailed sexual stories of individuals who wish to have such surgeries. To give an example; A woman with an enlarged vagina will give less pleasure during coitus (Vagina-Penis association) to her sexual spouse and lead to a decrease in the digestience of her sexual spouse. It requires the fullness of the penis in the female vagina and the sensation of pressure in the male penis (cosmetic penis surgeries/procedures). This can lead to a loss of self-confidence in women over time. Both women and men can cause sexual problems. Like The large inner lip of the vagina called labia can close the entrance of the vagina and make the penis difficult to enter into the vagina. I give these examples because these types of surgeries should be known not only for aesthetic purposes but also to resolve a functional distress and hence the sexual problem.
Despite the fact that cystocele (bladder prolapse) and rectocele (sagging in the rectum) were more mechanical discomfort, I placed it in this topic because it could be combined with genital aesthetic surgeries.

What are Genital aesthetic surgeries?

Vajinoplasty (Vagina narroing)
Labioplasty (inner Lip aesthetics)
Labia greater filling (lip aesthetics/filling)
Genital area whitening (laser genital bleaching)
Tightening of the vagina with laser, tightening (laser vaginal rejuvenation)
Laser Urinary Incontinence Treatment
G-point magnification (g-point shot)
Clitoral Hudoplasty
Cytoplocele and Rectocele Repair


The vagina is approximately 8-9 cm long, an inward canal in which the sexual intercourse occurs in women, which is composed of a flexible muscle tissue. As a result of age, vagina tissue is innate loosely, births, gynecological interventions, frequent sexual intercourse, the muscles around the vagina loosen, the tightness and stenosis may decrease over time. Although some women do not have any childbirth and are young, structurally the vagina can be wider than normal. An enlarged vagina does not fully grasp and feel the penis firmly. The feeling of pressure on the penis of your sexual partner decreases. In this future, the woman can progress to the problems of not having an orgasm called anorgasmia.
As a result, the pleasure taken during the coitus (vaginal-Penis Association) in women and men decreases. This problem can lead to serious problems between the growing and spouses (sexual couple)... Surgical tightening of the vagina, i.e. after the operation of the vajinoplasty, results are quite good. The operation lasts approximately 30-40 minutes. It can be administered with general, spinal or local assisted sedation anesthetic. The enlarged portions of the vagina are removed, the underlying muscle tissue is repaired, the cut edges are aesthetically repaired. After the operation, approximately one month of sexual fasting is given.


Labia minor, i.e. inner lips, is a fold-shaped, flexible structure that ends at the bottom of the vagina by encying the vagina entrance, starting from the level of the clitoris (sexual gratification zone) above the vagina from the large lips. The size varies with everyone. Due to hormonal changes in adolescence, some women are larger than normal and carry outwards. They can grow excessively saggy, symmetrical or asymmetrical. The cause of this growth is usually structurally, but can also develop afterwards. This enlarged inner lips can turn off the urine channel called the vagina and urethra.
It can cause infections in both the vagina and urinary tract by creating a moist environment in this region. It can also cause problems such as dryness, irritation and wound formation due to the formation of bad odor due to sweating of enlarged inner lips, hygienic problems and contact with underwear.
Enlarged inner lips can make the penis difficult to enter into the vagina during coitus.
When we collect all these problems, i.e. the genital area does not find aesthetic, hygienic problems, the woman who has problems during sexual intercourse, a decrease in confidence or sexual reluctance, such as inability to orgasm or orgasm difficulty sexual may develop problems (sexual dysfunction). The sexual partner (sexual spouse) of these problems will also be affected in the later period.
This condition is corrected by a simple surgical aesthetic process. The enlarged, saggy, long, asymmetrical, color-darkened inner lips are re-brought to normal appearance. This surgical correction to internal lips is called Labioplasty. This operation lasts about half an hour and can be applied by combining with other genital aesthetic procedures. In the operation, the genital region is evaluated as a whole and the unwelcome curls and skin folds should also be corrected. If only labioplasty is available, the patient may have adequate local anesthesia. In terms of patient comfort, a mild anesthetic, sedation anesthetic can be performed.
For this aesthetic operation, it is enough to have passed the adolescence period.
This operation can be done to virgins because he has no relationship with the hymen. Ameiliyat should be expected for about 3-4 weeks after sexual life


The outer lips of the labia major, outside the inner lips, the mons pubis (the furry region above the clam), and the slightly fluffy normal skin that descends down to the side of the vagina. Usually women want the outer lips to be fuller. I prefer autologous oil transplant in the outer lip filler. So I use the oils obtained from one's own. Generally, depending on the individual's condition, the abdomen or medial thighs are used in the inner part of the leg. The resulting fat tissue is purified by the centrifuge (pure fat tissue). This purified adipose tissue is also obtained by giving the external lips a fuller appearance on the outer lips. (lipofilling). More fat tissue fillings can be made in the operation, as the average 30-40% of this oil tap is lost within six months.
In overweight women and structurally external lips, there may be abnormalities such as size, saggence, excessive bloating, asymmetry, skin folds. In these cases, some aesthetic procedures such as the reduction of external lips can be used.

GENITAL AREA WHITENING (Genital Bleaching, color opening)

The external genital area is named as vulva. The Genital area is also called ' ' labial whitening ' ', ' ' Vulvar whitening ' '.
In particular, with the effect of estrogen and sun rays, the vulva may be darkening, browning and darker. The estrogen hormone activates the cells (melanocytes) that secrete color pigmentation in the external genital area with the effect of sunlight, and the color darkening occurs. This region does not need to be closed or hairless in order for UV rays to pass through the sun. Except for these; The advancing age, the hormones used and the creams that are driven to this area, the previous gynecologic surgeries, polycystic ovarian syndrome, genetically predisposition are among the causes of darkening of the external genital area.
This darkening can lead to a loss of self-confidence in the woman's sexual life and sexual problems in the later times. This darking does not physically harm the person.
In the aesthetic Genital area, fractional carbon dioxide (CO2) and fractional erbium YAG lasers are used.

How is the process done?

The laser color opening process lasts approximately 15-20 minutes. The areas of the Genital area are determined, the laser is adjusted. Local anesthetic creams are used before the procedure. Mild sedation anesthetics can be given for patient comfort. During the process, the melanocyte cells that produce melanin pigmentation, which are located in the dermis layer of the skin and cause darkness, are destroyed due to laser light. In this way, genital whitening is provided. The laser used affects the area in depth of 3-4 mm. After the laser used, this area gradually begins to peel off, poured and the new skin from the bottom becomes more alive. Once the transaction is done, the individual can immediately return to their normal social life and begin to see the effectiveness of this process approximately 3-4 weeks later.  Although rare, water collection can be seen. After 3 to 4 days, sexual intercourse can be entered. Depending on the volume and prevalence of the person's skin, the process can be repeated several times.

TIGHTENING the VAGINA with LASER (Laser vaginal rejuvenation) 

In the process of tightening the vagina with laser, the support tissue of the vagina, which has lost its firmness and elasticity, is reviliated. Because there is no surgical procedure, the risks for the patient are extremely low, the pain and the high technological process that does not suffer.  The most important goal is to increase sexual stimulation, sexual pleasure and orgasm in women. In the case of tightening in the vagina, sexual pleasure will increase with the mechanical effect of the sexual partner. After all, she will have a better quality of sexual life by feeling better and more confident. Apart from that; For those who suffer from mild urinary incontinence due to loosening in the vagina, frequent vagina infections can be performed to those suffering from vaginal wetness.
The procedure can be performed with no anesthetic or mild sedation. The average lasts 15-20 minutes. Due to the laser light in the vagina, the blood flow of this region is increased, the collagen tissue (support tissue) is stimulates and the synthesis is increased. After this procedure, I recommend Kegel exercises and/or plates. These exercises will increase the blood flow to the pelvic area (pelvic floor muscles) and the genital area, which will strengthen the muscles here. Thanks to these exercises, the woman will recognize and feel better about her genital area in an anatomical and functional way.
Besides, it is possible to tighten the external genital area (vulva) not only in the vagina, but also with the laser. If external lips are saggy, the external genital area has loosening or wrinkles, laser and external genital area tightening can be attempted. The weakened external genital (vulva) region is aimed at a fuller appearance again. The degree of weakness can be done by laser tightening one or more sessions

Laser Urinary Incontinence Treatment

Urinary incontinence can be classified as type of stress, urge type, and mixed type (female urology). Urge-type urinary incontinence is nerve-and the patient had a feeling of urgent urination, complaints like inability to catch the toilet. Stress-type urinary incontinence is seen with activities that cause intra-abdominal pressure increase, such as coughing, sneezing. A few sessions of laser can be applied in patients with mild stress urinary incontinence. The support of the tissue between the vagina and the bladder is stimulates, increasing the synthesis of collagen is aimed to strengthen this region. After a process of about 20 minutes, the patient can return to his job, his social life immediately. It is usually very beneficial in patients with mild stress incontinence. In addition, advanced stress incontinence is possible and laser can be performed on patients who are not afraid of surgical procedure or who do not accept surgery. In the month of a session, 2-3 sessions can be performed according to the degree of urinary abduction.


G point is in the vagina. It is an erogenous region on the upper wall, which becomes apparent by touching it located just below the urinary tract. The G-point can be in different localizations in every woman. It is the most important structure of sexual pleasure and orgasm with clitoris. The G point is the main structure that provides vaginal orgasm because it is located inside the vagina.
Over time it thickens the vagina ceiling (g-point) with estrogen hormone warning and structurally. In this process, in women experiencing orgasm shortage, we make special fillers for this point; Aims to increase the sensitivity and clarity of this region. Hyaluronic acid is the most common filler substance. Apart from this, some surgeons use FAT or PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections. The process is quite simple and takes a few minutes under local anesthesia. There is no harm in having sexual intercourse after approximately 5-6 hours on the same day after the procedure.

CLITORAL Hudoplasty

The clitoris Mons is an organ under the triangle covered with feathers called pubis. The penis in the male is a clam for the woman. It is the most intense sexual satisfaction in women. In the operation of clitoral hudoplasty i.e. in the patch, the skin folds on the clitoris, the correction of wrinkles and consequently a more aesthetic appearance are aimed to achieve. Due to structural, hormonal or too much sexual activity, the clitoris may be larger than normal and deformed. The natural appearance of the clitoris is performed with a surgery of about 20 minutes. The other genital area, usually labioplasty, is performed in combination with aesthetic surgeries. In later periods, women with labioplasty have a saggy and irregular appearance in the clam. The aesthetic of the clitoris should be added to almost every woman who is treated as a whole and has inner lip aesthetics.


Any scar, sagginess, asymmetry, weakness that causes a loss of self-confidence in the woman in the Genital area can be corrected in surgery. Here, the most common scar repair occurs after episyotomy. A small incision is laid on the edge of the vagina to facilitate the emergence of the baby at the vaginal birth and to prevent uncontrolled tearing. It's called an episyotomy. This tissue can consist of a hard, shapeless image (scar) of the vagina, resulting in proper repair, opening or poor healing. Apart from this, scar formation can be seen as a result of trauma to the external genital area. These may cause sexual pain other than aesthetic anxiety. Under local anesthesia, these tissues are removed and repaired in an aesthetic manner.
The triangular area on the clam is called Mons pubis. Aesthetically, it can be too weak or too swollen. This region can also be made more aesthetically by using methods such as Liposuctıon or lipofiing (puboplasty).

Cytoplocele and Rectocele are more commonly seen with aging. I will talk about this under the hood because of its combinability with Genital aesthetic surgeries. In comparison to the above aesthetic procedures, Cytoplocele and rectocele are a more functional disorder.
Cytoplocele is the bladder that the bladder is sags into the vagina. If sagging is severe, it can be seen from the vaginal opening. Aging, menopause, multiple births, hysterectomy (uterine intake) surgery are the risk factors for cystocele. The woman with Cytoplocele often describes pain during urination, urinary incontinence, urination, urine sensation after urinating and a feeling of complete emptiness, nocturia (nocturnal urination), sexual intercourse. Sometimes they say there's a fullness in the vagina, a feeling of pressure, something dangling. The diagnosis of Cytoplocele is placed by physical examination (genital area examination). In addition, ultrasound and Urflow, PVR (postvoiding residual measurement) tests are helpful to the diagnosis. Mild, the patient may not require cytoplocele treatment that does not cause serious distress (laser-tightening of the vagina can be tried, they may benefit). Surgery is the treatment of cystocele, which leads to complaints and patients. Anterior collagen (pre-repair) is applied in surgical treatment. It is aimed to remove the bladder, which is saged in this surgery, and remove excess tissue. Synthetic substance called mesh can also be used for the collection of the bladder. In these patients, if there is a complaint of urinary incontinence, it can continue after cystocele repair;  If the urethra (external urinary hole) Sags, loosenness, sling operations (female urology) should also be added to the simultaneous cystocele repair.


The Rectocele is the final part of the rectum, i.e. the thick intestine, into the vagina. In advanced rectocele, it is seen that the rectocele exits the inside of the vagina without having to push or push. Having a birth, obesity, constipation, chronic cough, such as excessive push to the pelvic area and the rectum increase pressure by making the formation of rectocele. In addition, aging and post-menopause rectosel complaints will increase. Bowel movements in the rectosis becomes difficult and constipation is observed. In patients with rectocele, there are complaints of strain, tension, full ejaculation sensation, sudden defecation sensation, inability to relax after exclusion and, depending on them, gas and abdominal bloating.
In fact, there are irritative complaints of urine which cannot be empted in cytoplum, and excretion of excreted feces in the rectocelage. Cystocele is the prolapse of the bladder, the rectosel of the anus. Rectoselde has a feeling of fullness in the vagina. The sensation of mass presence in the posterior wall of the vagina and pain in sexual intercourse can also be seen. The diagnosis can be easily put with physical examination. In light rectoselets, abundant liquids and fibrous foods are recommended to prevent constipation. Laser vaginal tightening can be tried in mild rectoseling. The patient has a complaint and is treated as a surgical surgeon in advanced rectocelates. The process of Rectosel repair is called posterior (rear repair) of colporrhaphy.
The form of Cytoplocele and rectocele and its complaints are similar to each other in terms of treatment. After all, there is a sagging, herification on the anterior wall of the vagina and the posterior wall of the vagina in the rectococin. They can rarely be found together.
The form of Cytoplocele and rectocele and its complaints are similar to each other in terms of treatment. After all, there is a sagging, herification on the anterior wall of the vagina and the posterior wall of the vagina in the rectococin. They can rarely be found together.
What is important here is the physical examination of the patient and how much complaints this herikization has given to the patient. It is very important to do pelvic floor exercises (Kegel exercises) to avoid recurrence in patients with mild, very active complaints and to prevent the herification from progressively and to not relapse again due to Cytoplaic/rectocele surgery. Spores that strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, such as plates, can be added.