The treatment of inuncut testicles

In men, testicles complement the development of pregnancy in the first two months and secreting hormones that allow sexual differentiation by settling in the abdomen. The 7th trimester of pregnancy. By the effect of testosterone in the abdominal cavity testicles in the scrotum (testes enveloping bag) begins to Descstart. When approaching childbirth, the testicles that move towards the scrotum pass through the pubic canal and settle in the scrotum. If this landing cannot be completed and the testicle remains in the pubic canal (inguinal canal) or in the abdominal cavity, it is called the uninuned testicle. Most of the time it can be seen unilaterally, sometimes bilateral.

How to diagnose?

It is felt that the testicle is not in the scrotum, but in the pubic canal. Sometimes the testicle may not be palpable on this channel. Ultrasound or laparoscopy is where the testicle is located in the abdomen. In this case, the testicle can sometimes be downloaded to the scrotum, or if the testicle is decomposed, then the rotting testicle residue is found and removed. As a result, we can also distinguish the uneven testis palpable (felt by examination) or non-palpable.
• Surgical (inguinal orchiopexy) and testicular scrotum are brought to the palpable deformed testicle at the appropriate time.
• Laparoscopy or open surgery (in the abdomen) for testicles that cannot be palpable should be taken to the scrotum (if the testicle is alive) or removed (if the testicle is rotated) according to the condition of the testicle.
What is a RETRACTOR TESTICLE (shy testicle, and a testicle that can go out)? Should surgery be performed?

In this case, called "shy testicles", "funky testicles" among the people, testicles or testes occasionally take off from the scrotum to the pubic canal. Usually, the effect of the cold or the child's groin, the testicle runs up towards the groin, in the heat and when the child is asleep, it is seen in the scrotum. Retractil testicles have completed the landing, unlike the actual undocumented testicle, it is an innocent condition, and the testicles sometimes arise from the pubic canal as a result of strong reflex contractions. In children with retraction testis, there is no need for any surgical or medical treatment. Follow up to puberty (puberty) period at 6 months intervals.


Normally, the temperature of the scrotum (the bag enveloping the testicles) is approximately 2 ' C in the body heat. Damage to the testicle, which remains in the groin or in the abdomen (i.e. subjected to constant high temperature), begins to occur. Infertility is almost inevitable in later years if it is not in both testis. (Continuous high temperature testicle; in the tissues of the testicles, i.e., the damage to the seminiferous Tubulus was demonstrated in an experimental electron microscopy.)
In addition, structural damage, loss of function and atrophy (decay) of the testis can be developed in the later years. If this abnormal testicle is left in the body, tumors can develop from this structure. (Malignant transformation)
The risk of developing testicular cancer in patients with uneven testicles is up to 20-25 times higher than normal males.


Surgery is the only treatment of uninuntreated testicle. A surgery called inguinal orchiopexy is lowered to the scrotum with an incision of about 2 cm from the pubic region. Surgery is a surgery that lasts about half an hour and is performed under general anesthesia. The patient is discharged on the same day after surgery. The chances of an incompetent testicle success made by a skilled specialist are quite high. (Success rate is 95%.) If the testicle is in the abdomen; As mentioned above, the testicular is found with laparoscopic or open surgery; If the testicle is alive, it is lowered, atrophied, i.e. decomposed.
The correct surgical time is 1 year. It should be followed up to age 1. During this period, hormone therapy can be tried in some cases. However, the testicle, which was observed until the age of 1, but not in the scrotum, should be downloaded with surgery.
In the end, the undeveloped testis, a problem that can be completely corrected by surgery; It is important for the family to be highly conscious and to bring control to an experienced expert until the age of 1. It is almost impossible for the testicles to descend to itself after the age of 1 and the 12th. After the month, the deteriorations in the structure of the undetested testicle should be treated without being late with surgery.