About P-Shot

What is a P-shot? How is the process known as priapussshot? How does P-shot work? Answers to questions our patients are curious about. Everything about P-shot…


What is a P-Shot?

Firstly, our patients should know that the P-shot operation is a refresher – penis injection process to increase the sensitivity function. This process with is called Priapussshot or P-shot. Since Platelet is a pioneering technique made with rich plasma, we apply it to our patients.

What does P-shot do;

It provides increased Penis size and environment. To improve sexual performance and erectile dysfunction; In other words, it is also possible to eliminate this problem of penes with erectile dysfunction, and to treat the Peyronie’s disease, where the patches of the scar street develop along the shaft of the penis.

In case of problems given above, we are doing P-shot application to our patients.

How does P-shot work?

The questions that our patients are curious about are the question of how P-shot works. There are many wonders about how the operation will work after completion, as well as how the effect can be seen. In order to revive a regenerative process as a procedure, the penis is filled with factors from platelet and plasma. The body’s own healing and revisitizers use its ability. By taking a small amount of blood from the arm, it is then placed in a centrifuge that is collected from the plasma. When we inject the plasma into the penis, the stem cells take action to grow healthy tissue. This is how the cells are refreshed and growing.

Who can P-shot be made?

The question is to whom the P-shot is often asked. Our patients express their problems and ask for the solution directly. In this case, the problem is if the P-shot is resolved. We provide information about how to create conditions for the patient, how to improve and influence. Subsequently, the treatment is completed directly.

  • The size of the penis – the shape of the discomfort
  • Not satisfied with the function of the penis
  • Wanting to increase sexual performance

In such cases, we are doing the application. It is enough for our patients to come up with one of these complaints. We do what we have to do directly to solve the problem. If the issues that are disturbed after the examination are not caused by a physiological disease, you will be able to get the sexual life you want with this method.

Is P-shot a painful operation?

Our patients don’t have to worry about this method. You do not suffer in any way with the P-shot application. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. There will be no feelings like pain in any way. Most of the time, we take back the return of our patients in no way feeling pain during this procedure.

Local anesthesia;

With the local anesthetic method, it will be possible to take the application painlessly. In terms of eliminating this problem, you can contact us directly if you wish. We complete the process in a way that will give the best effect as soon as possible after the examination of our patients.

How long does the P-shot operation take?

You should know that the application we have made to our patients is completed in a very short time. The operation will be completed in a short time as the application is performed under local anesthesia.

We ensure that the operation is completed within a short period of 30 – 40 minutes. The information we provide to our patients is subject to the completion of the process without worrying. After the examination, we will provide you with specific information about the time and other details.

What intervals are applied with P-shot?

There will be about two weeks of recess. Successful results are taken every 2 weeks with the application. On average, 3 – 4 sessions will be provided with extremely successful results from the operation. By providing the necessary information to our patients, we provide answers to their questions.

P-Shot after operation

After the application we have done, our patients are wondering what results they will receive. Yes, what are the changes in the penis and sex life after a successful P-shot? Here, the details after the P-shot…

  • The flow and circulation of the Aran blood
  • Strengthening the penis
  • Improved sexual ability
  • Straightening the penis
  • Enhanced penis appearance
  • Increased dualism and sexual pleasure

The results given above will be taken with the P-shot effect. You can get information by contacting them. After our inspection we decided to process the