Penile prosthetic applications

Penile prosthetic applications

• The success rate is quite high. (95-99%)

• Commonly used Pross are semi-rigid, silicon type and inflatable or hydrophilic proses.

• On the other hand, the sexual spouse is more satisfied. (Because of the stiffness required by the Penis Pross, both men and their partners enjoy more than sexuality.)

• Nowadays, 3-piece inflatable penile pross are preferred in developed countries. After 3-part penile prosthetic applications, patient and spouse satisfaction reaches 90%.

• Inflatable dentes are much more expensive and inflected when sexual intercourse is achieved, after intercourse.

• Operations can be applied under general or regional (spinal/epidural) anesthesia. These pross can be fitted with an incision of approximately 4-5 cm, which can be entered under or over the stem of the Penis. The patient should remain hospitalized one day after surgery. (The incision marks are virtually undetermined in dentals attached to the Penis under the scrotal).

It can also be applied in patients with curvature and/or pain (Peyronie) during erection in the penis, with erectile dysfunction.

• One of the most frequently asked questions about Penis Prosdentes is whether the Pross will be noticed from the outside. Penis prostheses do not create any problems with sexual partners during sexual intercourse. Especially when the pump and bendable type Pross are selected, it is almost impossible to notice if you don't tell your partner that you have prosdentes.

• Penis Pross are only a treatment that ensures adequate stiffness for sexual intercourse. It does not affect the ejaculation of the person and having children.