Penis Aesthetics Surgeries


Penis, phallus means a symbol of sexual power for men. Even in the early works of Christ, Men are described by their penis. In some sexual teachings (Kamasutra) mentions the importance of penis size.

These surgeries, which are becoming increasingly widespread in the world, can be applied entirely according to the person's request, such as rhinoplasty (nose aesthetics) or a breast augmentation surgery.
Unfortunately, in our country, men with problems about the size of the penis, some products or tools are subjected to material, moral damage. The only way to increase penis size is cosmetic penis surgeries/procedures.

Every man controls his penis several times a day. In men, an aesthetic problem in the penis (length, thickness, etc.) can cause problems in its own self, psychology and sexual life, can lead to sexual dysfunction.

Sexuality is a function that is experienced between two people. A problem in the Genital area (Penis/vagina) can lead to a loss of self-confidence in the individual's own and/or sexual partner (sexual spouse), which may result in sexual dysfunction later in the period. The woman wants the fullness of the penis in her vagina and a feeling of pressure in the male penis. I use cosmetic vagina surgeries/procedures in both functional and aesthetically pleasing women.

Curvature of the penis, organic-induced impotence (penile prosthetic applications, etc.), in the treatment of premature ejaculation (increased glans penis size with glans penis injection, freniloplasty, etc.) Aesthetic of some scrotum (scrotoplasty, etc.) ), I also use cosmetic penis surgeries/procedures in cases such as correction of circumcision errors.

(My Tv program on Penis enlargement and aesthetics)

Aesthetic varieties of Penis and Genital region?

• Penis Extension
• Penis thickening
• Penis extension + thickening
• Penis bottom extension (Correction of Penoscrotal Webbing/Ventral phalloplasty)
• Skrotoplasti (Skrotal lift)
• Embedded penis treatment
Hypospadias Repair 
Treatment of curvature and/or pain during erection in the penis (Peyronie)
Some surgical procedures used to treat hardening problems (impotence)
Procedures used in the treatment of premature ejaculation (premature ejaculation)
Circumcision is the procedures applied for correcting circumcisions.

What is the Normal size of the penis?

This is all about the person. Until today, there is no standard data on the size of the penis and its thickness. I don't want to give you the paintings of Penis sizes and confuse you. The important thing is that the person is in peace with his penis. An aesthetic problem in your penis, shortness or finity; Cosmetic penis surgeons can be used if it bothers you. The exception is Micropenis. The Micropenis is the condition that the penis size in the erect (hardened form) is below approximately 7-8 cm. Micropenis is a symptom usually seen in men with hypogonadism and the hormonal condition should be examined. Hormonal and surgical treatments may be applied if necessary.

Because coitus (intercourse) can be with a hardened penis, it is the length and thickness of the erect (hardened) carpet. A penis that is 2-3 cm long in flask (loose) may extend up to 15-16 cm in the erection, or a penis with a loosely 8-9 cm can be 12 cm in the erection.

The size of the Penis varies with genetics and the geography being lived. Generally, the erection (hardened) is considered to be under 11-12 cm. The thickness of the Penis is 10-13 cm on average in the erection. (According to researchers at the London King's College and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, the average penis length should normally be 9.16 cm, whereas an erection should be 13.12 cm.)


I have experienced many surgical techniques in Penis extension surgeries. The most successful method is to loosen the ligaments of the inverted V-Y plasty and the penis that we call the ligamentolysis. Depending on the situation, ventral phalloplasty can be added. In other words, the Penoscrotal region, which is called the scrotum (testicles enveloping bag), can also be used in Z-plasti, v-y plasty or skin grafts. (average 1.5-4 cm lengthing.)

The extension of the penis is variable and the anatomy of the person is most importantly associated with the thickness of the ligamers. The greater the thickness of the ligamas here, the higher the weight of the penis.

Abdominal Liposuctia, suprapubic lipectomy should also be added. (especially in those with an embedded penis.) The aim here is to get rid of excess adipose tissue and correct the abdominal procrine, especially the root part of the penis, which we call proximal. (average 2-5 cm lengthages in total.) PENIS THICKENING Surgeries i Usually prefer to use autologous oil transplanting, i.e. the oils obtained from the person itself. In order to get fat (as a donor) the most commonly used regions are suprapubic (penis root), abdomen and medial thigh regions.

After that, the oil received is centrifuged and purified (3000 rpm for 3 minutes in Coleman, 2007). Slower centrifuge speed and decreased time increase the survival of the oil. (so I usually prefer 2 minutes with 1000 rpm.)
This is followed by the transfer of the purified adipose tissue. The penis is distributed uniformly under the skin. An elastic penis bandage with appropriate length after surgery prevents asymmetry that may occur due to fat migration and erection (sertation).
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is prepared with approximately 20 cc of blood in the Penis thickening, can also be used.
In six months, the fat loss rate is 30-40%. The penis thickness after 6 months is unchanged. Considering the loss of fat, I am doing more purified fatty tissue injections in thickening surgeries.


Most of my patients want to be in the same surgery with these two procedures (extension + thickening). I also propose that two procedures be made together to provide the most and height ratio and aesthetics of the penis. Local anesthesia as Anesthesia type + sedation or general anesthesia is preferred according to patient request. Postoperative patients can go home on the same day. After 1-2 days of rest, they can return to their normal social life.

After these surgeries, 4-5 weeks of sexual activity are asked to be avoided. (including mastrubation) Duration of procedures (operative time):

• Penis extension: approx. 45-50 minutes
• Penis thickening: approx. 50-60 minutes
• Penis extension + thickening: lasts about 80-90 minutes.


• Range of Penis extension: 1.5-4cm. (This depends on the characteristics of the variability ligamers, i.e. depth, length and thickness. It's better to be thicker. (Basal penis ultrasound does not provide clear information to us in the partial appearance of the suspension ligamer.)

• In penis thickening surgeries, 25-35% increase in penis diameter is achieved. The variability here is based on personal characteristics. The person's metabolism status, lifestyle, anatomical structure (the larger the area between the corpus of the penis and dartos gives better results) is associated with.

• The most commonly preferred and frequently applied penis extension + thickening (with suprapubic lipectomy) is elongation in the surgeries: 2-5 cm.

• A small amount of erection angle may decrease after surgery.


This is one of the most frequently asked questions for us. There is absolutely no change in erection (hardening) after these surgeries. I've done a lot of these surgeries both domestically and internationally. We have never seen such a problem in our patient.
In these surgeries, I use magnifier glasses (surgical loupe). I use the laser which is very reliable during the separation of the ligamers, thus, the structures that provide erection (hardening), Nerve and veins (neurovasculer bundle) are preserved in a very comfortable way. There's absolutely no loss of emotion in the penis.

Not only in penis enlargement surgeries, but in all kinds of penis and prostate surgeries, there is no such risk at all. What is important here is that the surgeon who performs such surgeries is well aware of the genital area and especially the anatomy of the penis and the necessity of having experience in such surgeries.


– Injury of erectile structures, nerves and vessels
– A decrease in the elevation angle of the penis in the erect
– Penis instability
– Bad wound healing (V-y plasti, Z-plasty)
– Unresolved (non-restrain) hematoma
– Excess fat loss (normally 30-40% of the injected fats for penis thickening will be absorbed by the body within 6 months. Sometimes this loss can be more.)
– Oil migration and nodule formation
– Deformities (asymmetry and curvature of the penis)

In fact, all undesirable complications and results are due to the use of inadequate surgical techniques and lack of experience. Therefore, such surgeries should be performed by surgeons who have mastered and experienced anatomy.

SKROTOPLASTI (Procedures for stretching and shrinking the testicles):

In the bag that wraps the testicles with advancing age, loosenness, growth and enlargement can be seen in the scrotum. (We see more in the history of Varicocele, Hydrosel, pubic and scrotal hernia.) This growth in the scrotum can lead to difficulties such as redness, pain, excessive sweating in the genital area, pain in the rash and sexuality. If the person is uncomfortable in his or her social life (sitting, taking off, sporting, etc.) or causing a loss of self-confidence in his or her sexual life, Scrotoplastia can be applied.



I usually use this application to reduce the excessive susceptibility of the penis in those who have premature ejaculation. Aesthetically, the penis can be applied to make the head look thicker and fuller.

Particularly sensitive to contact with the glans penis (head of the penis) can lead to premature ejaculation (hypersensitivity of the penis). In this very simple application, the filler substance per penis (hyaluronic acid) or PRP (Platelet/Thrombocyte enriched plasma) prepared from the patient itself is given and leads to a small amount of growth in the head of the penis. As a result; This sensitivity decreases in the penis, which is overly sensitive to contact. The effect of the filler material lasts between 6 months and 1 year. A small amount of penis growth can remain for life. I have very successful results with this treatment and a few sessions of sexual therapy in individuals who are especially dependent on the hypersensitivity of the penis due to premature ejaculation.


The most sensitive areas in the Genital area: glans penis (head of the penis), immediately under the glans penis in the form of a tongue called frenilum protecting and the penoscrotal junction i.e. the region between the penis root and scrotum (the bag enveloping testicles). In some men these regions may be more sensitive. Men who have an early ejaculation problem with this type of hypersensitivity; Some surgical procedures such as phreniloplasty, norotomy, Scrotoplasty, y-v plasty can be applied along with sexual therapy.