Penis enlargement


Penis enlargement

Penis size is important for men. Especially men with small penis size are trying to solve their problems by searching for penis enlargement. Many penis problems such as penis enlargement, penis curvature surgery, penis thickening, embedded penis extension are in our hospital.

Op, a physician who is a specialist in urology and is an expert in our hospital in Ankara. Dr. Cem Aslam performs all treatments and operations. All surgeries performed in our hospital are made by professional doctors with high quality and higher level equipments.

What is Penis enlargement?

Penis size is the reason for pride for every man. Penis size is a big problem in order to solve the troubles and problems experienced in the sexual lives of those who are married. Healthy sex life is important for married couples and it is a necessary problem to be corrected. Penis enlargement is now a treatable disorder in our hospital located in Ankara and other cities. Physicians who are specialists and experienced in their work in our doctors who are looking at these therapies.

If the size of the penis is below the standard dimensions, these types of penises are called micro-penis in the medical language.  The standard size is 11-12 cm in case of hardened and above those. The exception is the size of the Micropenis, which is 7-8 cm under Hardened form.

Penis Enlargement Treatment

Every man should be in peace with his own penis. This is the most important factor in sexuality. However, a male sex partner who is not happy with the penis size or appearance is also unable to provide a happy sexuality. Most of the search for getting rid of this situation are unconscious practices. Non-surgical treatment does not usually result in positive results. The pills used to enlarge the Penis, the tools, the massages usually do not mean anything other than to use the discomfort to make money.

  The penis enlargement surgeries are performed painlessly and in a whit. Although surgical intervention is performed as surgery, it is treated with operations that occur without a significant cut in the known serious dimensions.

How is Penis enlargement surgery done?

Op.  Our specialist physician generally prefers to do all operations with closed surgical method. This allows patients to stand up and return to their daily lives as soon as possible.

  Each of them is performed with closed surgery and the penis size extends between 2 – 5. All 3 options are painless and without a leak.

Number 1 Penis Enlargement surgery

There is a bond linking the penis stem with the bone. This is called a ligament. This surgery also cuts the ligament bond and reveals the penis size remaining inside.  Depending on the person with this method, the penis is instantly lengthened to 2-5 cm.

Number 2 Penis Enlargement surgery

It is an option made with Penis enlargement surgery No. 1 if preferred and required. This surgery is also to extend the distance in the part of the testicular bags with the tip of the penis.

3 Numbers Penis Enlargement surgery

This surgery is carried out as painless and without leakage with closed method like others. This method loosises the penis connection called scrotum. The penis growth that occurs by disconnecting this scrotum can be noticed instantly.

Embedded Penis Enlargement Surgery

Apart from all these surgeries, another penis enlargement surgery is also an embedded penis surgery. This method is done to people who are buried in that area of the penis from the density of fats formed under the belly, depending on excess weight. In the region where the penis root is fat, the penis is buried in that overweight region.

With this surgery, the oils in that area are cleaned with liposuction method. The fat is cleaned from around the penis and the length of the penis that is trapped inside shows an immediate elation.

Causes requiring Penis surgery

For a man, the penis is one of the important organs. The healthy male individual is so happy with his penis that he enjoys life and pleases his wife. But if he is not happy with his penis, his view of life is dark. When Penis problems are called;

  • Not enough size of the Penis,
  • Lack of sufficient Penis thickness,
  • Penis problems caused by circumcision errors
  • Embedded penis problem caused by overweight,
  • Penile curvatics are the first to mind.

The Penis surgery can be any healthy individual. The necessary and accurate information is given to patients when interviewed by the expert physician. Penis enlargement surgery is performed as soon as possible after the examination.

Penis Enlargement and thickening

Another problem with penis problems is that the penis is not thick enough. Most wives are disturbed by this problem. Not enough thick penis sex partner does not enjoy sexual pleasure. In this case, the penis thickening surgery is performed.

Penis thickening surgery is obtained by taking fat from the penis follicled penis. With this process, the penis thickens. Only 40 percent of the fat injected into the penis is permanent. This remaining rate allows an average 1.5 cm thickening to occur.

Reasons for shortening Penis size

If the penis size is normally a standard extent and subsequently a shortaking is observed, some causes that trigger this condition are advanced. Reasons that trigger the shortying of the penis;

  • Taking excess weight

In excess weight intake, lubrication occurs on the root of the penis. These oils are confined to the size of the penis. In this case, the length of the penis is shorter. To get rid of this problem, embedded penis surgery is performed.

  • Smoking

A slowdown in the blood flow of individuals who smoke. This blood flow needs to be accelerated so that the penis can be hardened and grown. Due to the unrealized erection, the penis length is shortening.

The importance of Penis enlargement in sexuality

There are some false obsessive thoughts that are believed to be large in the penis. So the sexual organ is believed to be more powerful than the sex life of the older. This is totally wrong. Overall, the size of the penis in Turkey is 14 cm. For the remainder of this value, penis enlargement surgery is important. In order for a woman to reach sexual satisfaction, the size of a hardened penis is only 8 cm in average.

The right address for Penis enlargement

Op. All of the penis enlargement surgeries performed by Dr. Cem's personal results were positive. Patients who are satisfied and happy at the hospital are our biggest gains. The surgeries of our physician who have been studying abroad in the field of Genital aesthetics and increasing their experience and experiences are economical and price ranges will be suitable for all budgets. You can contact our hospital to obtain any information about Genital aesthetics and make an appointment.