Premature Ejaculation

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Especially the stress and intensive working life of the world and the increase of psychological wear and decrease in the standard of peaceful life cause this problem to be seen in increasingly more people. Nowadays, 6 out of every 10 men are experiencing this problem and this rate is increasing.

Our clinics provide a high percentage of success in the problems of premature ejaculation, regardless of the cause by our highly experienced and highly equipped teams. Considering that a very large part of the problems of premature ejaculation is psychologically sourced, it is ensured that people with high-success therapy and other psychological therapies in our clinics control premature ejaculation.

Adverse situations in which premature ejaculation problems arise

And as the last dimension of these problems, processes ranging from separation to couples can be observed. In particular, sexual intercourse leads to premature ejaculation of the ordinary man and the inability of the opposite sex to get pleasure and not to orgasm. In this sense, people start to see themselves as a sexual object and feel a coldness in the sexual sense against the opposite sex.

Sexual intercourse is a necessity for both men and women. For this reason, it is extremely important for a healthy relationship to have an orgasm on both sides and to resolve this need. In other words, men who do not have this problem and do not apply to our clinics and are not treated, should remember that they have suffered a great deal of harm to their relationship.

Types of Premature ejaculation problem

Life-long Premature ejaculation problem

Nowadays, the most important and the treatment process is the most ask of ejaculation problems. From the first sexual experience experienced by the person, the experience of premature ejaculation is faced with all the gender experienced. In these people, the discharge time during the merger is extremely inadequate and problematic for an orgasm of the opposite sex, such as 1 minute. Intensive therapy and different methods are applied for these individuals and techniques for controlling the discharge of the person are being developed. And a gradual upgrade is provided.

The problem of premature ejaculation acquired for various reasons

This problem occurs in later time frames even though the person has never had such a problem before. This can lead to new psychological problems and stressful situations as well as physiological problems for these individuals. Therefore, proper treatment is performed after the treatment of the problem is physiological or psychological. The risk of physiological problems is also very high for these situations. It can also cause problems for depression and marriage.

The problem of premature ejaculation due to natural variables

Reasons such as a person's inability to adapt to the new situation and sexual environment in the event of a partner change can lead to this. For this reason, problems are eliminated in the first 6 months of such problems. If it still persists, it will benefit our clinics.

Problems similar to the problem of premature ejaculation

This problem is purely psychologically. Normally, the normal ejaculation occurring between 4 and 6 minutes is seen early for the person and it detects this as a problem. At this stage, our specialists psychologically relaxes the person with the necessary treatment and psychological assistance as to how this situation is normal and should be.